Adhitz Review 2016 offers a flat rate which is good and bad at the same time. It’s good that you know what you are getting per click but bad as other ad networks can offer higher rates. It’s good news for advertisers as they know the price rate upfront. But this review is all about the publisher. There average CPC is between $0.04 and $0.14. But don’t get this ad network wrong you can also set the flat rates not the advertisers. Knowing their average CPC you can assume you can ask more than $0.14. Advertiser will first look at your site before he or she will subscribe to ads.

Payment Method & Payouts

You can get paid via PayPal or Payza where the minimum payout for PayPal is $25 and Payza $50. You do get charged $1.50 handling fee.


All countries are accepted, but the rates are very poor even for US, Canada and UK

Registration Process

Well this is one of the longest registration processes I have ever seen. Adding your site is more of a task than anything else. Some of these questions you could easily get wrong. Here are some examples of the questions.

  • website tags
  • ad restrictions
  • ad placement
  • age group
  • gender group
  • continent area

Ok very understandable questions as this ad network needs to lure advertisers in advertising.

Your site does not go through a review system, once you have filled in all your details it will automatically be ready for you to add ads.


Features of Adhitz

  • They are an ad revenue sharing program and earn 70% of their revenue from ads.
  • Rate-axis classification (CPC) opened $0.03 to $0.13 depending on the user visits the advertisement for more details regarding Pivotal Classification (CPC) rates for different countries you can visit their website.
  • They not only provide axial Classification Scheme (CPC), but you can also spot ads on your website to sell.
  • You can charge for advertising spots.
  • You may refuse to accept advertising if the ad is not relevant in the sense that you can take them off.
  • You can choose from a variety of ad sizes. They can support both text and image ads.
  • Adhitz a good support system, and they revert to their queries quickly.
  • They are different payment options including PayPal or Payza, which is good for Indian bloggers.

More AdHitz Features:

  • 25 Billion Ads Served and growing…
  • 5 Billion Ads Served
  • New, Now add up to 4 ad zones per page.
  • New Update to Network Ads
  • AdHitz now serving more than 1 billion ads per month


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