Grandbux new strategy 2016

GrandBux · Best Strategy 2016 

 In this page you find the Best Strategy to adopt for earn in GrandBux
In GrandBux you have a serious opportunity to make constant earnings day after day. Grandbux is one of the Best PTC on the market with very high quality Rented Referrals.
For example, when you are an upgaded member, if you rent a RR pack all RR have a HIGH AVG · Also over 9!
In GrandBux you have a lot opportunity to earn. With mini games like GRID or Micro-Mini Jobsyou can take advantage winning dollars or points.
GrandBux is used by more and more users who find in it a valuable tool to make a valid and useful earn without having to invest astronomical sums as in other famous PTC. In the GrandBux forum you find a successful stories, proof of payments, that occurring accurate and timely, and a valid proved strategies.
upgrade table
Quick Tips For HIGH AVG (9+ AVG)

  • Click all ads between 00:00 and 01:00 (it is really important)
  • Recycle responsibly RR after 5 days of inactivity. Never try to Over-Recycle
  • Try to take advantage of GrandBux promotion (deposit bonus, free RR, autoprofit)
  • Promote your link via blogging and others free advertisements
  • Check twice a day for new ads
> Here I expose a good example of one strategy that you can safely use day after day
DETAILED STRATEGY · Last Tweak 26/03/2016

If you have an intention to earn in GrandBux follow this steps:

  • First you need to upgrade. If you can not invest much You can upgrade to silver for only 60$ x Year! With Upgraded Membership your referrals clicks worth double and Rented Referrals quality is extremely high especially with Superior+ or ExclusiveMembership.
    And also when you upgrade you receive a bonus package with direct referrals and free points!

– ESSENTIAL GrandBux TIPS – Update 26/03/2016

    • Rent responsibly referrals so as to manage the recycling and extension.
    • Rent, gradually free referrals.
    • Recycle referrals according to Strategy exposed just below (remember Server Time is related to Santa Monica Date)
    • Benefit fully from discounters about the extension, and from AutoProfit. This management significantly lowers the BEP. For example, for an extension to 90 days we have a discount of 15%, and thereafter by a further 20%
    • And important important important! Click at least 4 of your ads between 00:01AM and 02:00AM Server Time!
    • Rent New Referrals ever before 03:00AM Server Time. This maximizes the yield of referrals.
    • Stay active in the site. Visit the forum and interact with it. If possible, click all your ads and check periodically during the day for new ads.
    • Advertising Strategy – Custom Banner, Landing & Register (CBLR) – High Conversion Rate – User that click on banner are interested to content and redirect to landing page that motivates him even more. The user now click on Register Button in landing page and redirect directly to PTC registration page. Banner advertisement are cheap and guaranteed millions of impressions.
    • A MUST For Good Global Users AVG

Do not think only yourself, try to click enough FixedAD (Blue Ads) throughout the day!With this behaviour you became a Very Good RR in Rental Pool and make users happyMANAGE + STRATEGYBEST AVG Tools – Tested Mar2016

    • SC Referrals – (5 Days No Click) Old Referrals With Good AVG reflect New Referrals With Good AVG – Recycle always SC Referrals with AVG upper (BEP + 1) independent of their remaining days, other recycle if have more than 10 days remaining.
    • BC Referrals – (4 Days No Click and AVG Under BEP) Old Referrals With Bad AVG reflect with high probability a New Referrals With Bad AVG – I consider Bad AVG for example (4 – 5 – 6). The Referrals with these AVG are terrible Referrals they think only of themselves and clicking the bare minimum – Recycle BC Referrals if have more than 10 days remaining.
    • RIP Referrals – (DEAD Referrals – Never Click or only 1 Click) – DELETE if have 5 days Never Click – This Referrals are out of the pool and is dead, recycling them you get a new dead or a single click referrals with high probability.
    • Active Referrals Under BEP – Never and Never recycle this referrals that click regularly but low because you get with high probability a new low AVG referrals or sometimes dead. Simply let them expire and do NOT! extend it.


      At Expire date Extend only Referrals with AVG


        (BEP + 0.10 / Ex BEP 7.00 — Extend > 7.10). Alternative – Extend Upper Membership RR Filter – Superior+ 30Click in 4 Days – AVG 7.50

      • CLICKING ADVICE – Do not just click only your necessary 4 ads!

Click least

+8 fixed ads

    a day, do not become you too a terrible Referrals in the rental pool.

  • RENTING ADVICEDO NOT! Rent more than 100RR a time because, instead of high membership filter, you get some BC referrals that affect total AVG and are useless (expire, delete ecc). For example if you rent like crazy a 300RR package every 3 days your global AVG drop in unprofitable area for presence of many and many BC referrals. Build account with patience and in slow behaviour!

···· With This Strategy your AVG WILL ALWAYS BE A LOT ABOVE BEP!
···· With This Strategy your AVG WILL STABILIZE AT LEVEL 9+!!!! 

With this simple strategy you can build quickly your account with small and honest investment.Look in GrandBux forum successful stories with strategies.

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