How To Get Protected From Petya Ransomware

You can protect your devices from Petya Ransomeware through the following steps are

Use Antivirus software 

An antivirus software can stop the ransomware being downloaded into your PC. The most basic, malware gets filtered out using an antivirus program. If you are already using an antivirus software on the computer, make sure it is up to date.

Install regular Windows updates 

Run Windows update to get the latest software on the computer. Microsoft keeps on pushing the latest updates to fix bugs time-to-time. It is therefore advisable for an individual or a large corporation to update the machines to the latest software as soon as it is released.

In case of EternalBlue vulnerability, Microsoft has pushed out the security patch for Windows XP as well, a system it doesn’t support any more. Users should install the update if they have not already done so because this one poses a serious security problem.

Back up your files 

Backup all your files, including documents, photos and videos. The best way to do so is to backup all the data in an external hard drive that isn’t connected to an internet. Also, do a cloud based backup, and make sure the password for this account is a strong one. Keep two-step verification on for whatever cloud service you are using. This will ensure that even if your machine is affected by a ransomware, you won’t lose your important data.

Protect yourself from unsolicited emails, apps

Hackers have been spreading ransomware attacks through  emails and apps. Security experts warn users against opening emails that seem unfamiliar or from an unknown sender. It is important not to open those emails or click on links embedded in these messages. Also, never download an app that has not been verified from the official store, be it iOS or Google Play Store.

Do not pay the ransom 

Do not pay the ransom demanded by these hackers. There’s no guarantee hackers will return data. In case of the latest Petya attack, hackers don’t have access to the email id that they were using to check on the Bitcoin transactions. The German email service provider has shut down access to their account.


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