Iphone 6s Review 2016

Iphone 6s Review 2016

It makes sense that Apple would try its hardest to show that, despite the handset looking identical to the iPhone 6, there have been loads of changes under the hood that make this an attractive phone in its own right.

The chassis is stronger, the camera sharper – with a new Harry Potter-esque way of capturing your snaps – and there’s even a completely new way of interacting with the screen. On paper, it’s an impressive upgrade.

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There’s no option to toggle it on and off in the Control Centre at the bottom of the screen, which means you’ll need to head into the settings to disable it. However, when your phone reaches around 80% charge the iPhone will automatically offer to turn it off for you, as it’s decided that it’s got enough power to see it through whatever you’re going to be doing next.

It’s a real shame that the iPhone 6S’ battery life isn’t a little bit better – it’s making me wonder how much that 3D Touch system is impacting on the power management. If it’s a lot, then you’ll have to hope that the improvement in the interface as developers get on board is worth it.

The iPhone is still one of the better devices out there for watching films on, but mostly because the integration with the iTunes store is so strong.

And watching them on the iPhone 6S is pretty darn good too, thanks to the aforementioned laminated glass. The resolution might not be top notch on the screen, but the overall quality when watching downloaded or streamed content (either from the iTunes Store, Netflix or even YouTube) is really something to behold.

Music – well, Apple Music

The audio capabilities of the iPhone 6S are, once again, really rather brilliant – and as loathe as I am to admit it, really augmented by Apple Music. I only say loathe because I’m getting tired with the amount of streaming services available at the moment, not because it’s a poor service.

I’m yet to be convinced by Beats 1 as a radio station (I’ve got loads I’m already into based on specific genres, rather than the pick ‘n’ mix attitude of Zane Lowe and chums) but the range and catalogue on offer is strong from Apple. The curated playlists perhaps aren’t in the same league as Spotify, but it’s when you use Siri to get you some tunes that things really start to pick up.

In terms of the actual music player itself, well, Apple Music has made it a little confusing. Yes, your own MP3s are stored there just fine, but they’re tucked away in the corner, with things like Artists you can follow being shoved down your throat beforehand.

Because, for all the power and style of Android handsets, they’ve still not matched the subtle, refined feeling you get from using the iPhone, the confidence that the apps will work better than anywhere else, that you’ll experience fewer crashes, that everything will function as you expect it to.

The native apps are already using the system well, and it’s quickly becoming a fun game to work out where things allow you get little previews or offer shortcuts without needing to leave the app itself. But when developers get their hands on the power, I can see some really clever apps and games emerging – and that will give a real lead over the Android versions.

The rest of the things I liked are baked into the iPhone itself, and always have been. I appreciate the strong and usable camera, giving great snaps no matter what kind of pics you’re trying to take – and the sharpness has been upped this year too.

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The overall design of the phone is strong, as it was in the iPhone 6, and I still like the feeling of holding the ceramic back of the 6 or 6S – it just feels great in the palm.

Touch, I’m not sure that I’m happy with the fact I have to accept lower battery longevity to have the privilege.

If Apple ever launches a smaller phone with the kind of battery life the iPhone 6S Plus offers, then it’s going to have a smash hit on its hands, which makes it all the more confusing that the brand hasn’t decided to bring something like that out already.

Siri is a personal assistant in iphones which is recently launch and this feature is not working good as compared with google voice because siri sometime get crashes while searches not worth with high prices.

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