Octoin is really special and new-type project. It’s not common HYIP, it’s not ponzi project. We have financial crypto service, that allows us to invest, trade, exchange and earn money. I’ve spent few hours to explore all features of this project, and I can say that this time is not enough. The website is FULL of information, tips, graphical and text data. Each of you should take a look at this project, but I will share my experience.

1. Registration is simple – you input your email, password, and get confirmation email. After clicking a link there, you get into your profile where you can give your name, phone number, country, social profiles, etc.
2. It took a while to find how to fund my account, but I did it! You can find wallet pic on the right-side pop-up menu, on the first place. There you can find currency you want, then fund your account. I’ve chosen Etherium as payment method, funded with 0.7ETH for test flight.
3. Funds appeared in my account immediately, and I’ve decided to invest half into mining and half into trading.
4. That’s it. Investment process took 2 minutes, and appeared very clear.

Here are my investments:

Octocoin Trading offer is about 27% per month with daily pay-out. Principal is included into payments. Why did I choose Etherium – to my mind ETC/USD has bullish trend, and my USD income will be higher from week to week.

I’ve chosen 30-day period to make sure it’s working. After these deposits are finished – I will re-invest 1/4 to 30-day and 1/4 to 90-day offers.

Octocoin Mining offer gives same income, but I prefer to diversify risks and cashflow and invested half of my budget there. Again, for 30 days for start.

But what is the best news I found on the website – you can exchange your crypto to another crypto just with other members of the project.
If you check P2P Exchange page, you will see that people are trading, people are chatting, business is boiling right now.

Octoin gives wonderful opportunity to work as an active investor, not passive like others do. You get profit, you can exchange it into another currency if conditions are better this moment. And make investments with more opportunities. Everything is clear, comfortable.

Whole website looks great, I’m really enjoying working with this project.

Octoin gives you ability to earn money from advertising. You can have structure of 7-level affiliate program, with level bonuses, rising profits. You can see list of conditions above, but, don’t forget, in this project, you should have your investments too. They are not high, but here, we all work in one team, and we all are involved into the process. Make sure you invest at least $100 to get from ‘user’ to ‘assistant’ partner level.




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