Top 5 faucet script – that will attract users

Today i will going to review the top 5 faucet script from that you can open your own good faucet site

MicroPayment Faucet Scripts:

1. FaucetBox

The successor of MicroWallet is FaucetBox, one of the most used faucet scripts.


(a) Ready to use script, installation and activation does not take more than 5 minutes.

(b) About 90% of faucets use FaucetBox script so obviously it has a large user base. More users = More traffic. More than 1152 active faucets.

(c) FaucetBox admin is always trying to implement new concepts into the script especially to ward off annoying bots and scammers. If I am right the first script was named faucetinabox-r40, the script available now is faucetinabox-r60.

(d) FaucetBox has their own faucet list, as soon as you create a faucet, it will be added to this list.

(e) Apart from bitcoin, this script supports multiple currencies.

2. Paytoshi

Paytoshi was launched a month after FaucetBox.


(a) Ready to use script, installation and activation does not take more than 5 minutes.

(b) No deposit fees.

(c) Like FaucetBox, Paytoshi have their own faucet list.

Paytoshi does not have a large user base like faucetBox, but there has been a gradual increase in faucets using Paytoshi. There are only about 50 active Paytoshi faucets, but it is worth mentioning that most of the high paying faucets belongs to Paytoshi.

3. ePay



ePay is well-known for faucets like CoinCollecting and GoldsDay


(a) In my opinion epay faucets are the most professional ones, you take the design, the payouts, the referral commissions, everything looks professional. In short, this script is for people who consider faucet as a long-term business endeavor.

(b) Their free script have all the essential features, but if you want your faucet to stand out of the crowd then you can opt for scratch or wheel faucet script.

(c) They have their own faucet rotator.

Open-Source Faucet Scripts:

4. MiniFaucet Script

MiniFaucet is an open-source faucet script created using Slim Framework.

The biggest advantage of this script is that it supports multiple wallet providers like:


If you do not want to use any of the above wallet services then you can have your own bitcoin deamon.


5. PHPFaucet Script

A handful of faucets are using this script now.


(1)  Support for multiple currencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Darkcoin and Peercoin.

(2) Quick installation and activation.

(3) Two options for processing payouts, either directly or through  AsMoney

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