Reviews of 2captcha (2captcha.com) – What is 2captcha? – 2captcha is a website that allows you to earn money (from home without investment) by simply solving captcha images. This website pays you up $0.5 per 1000 captcha images solved which can be done at home using any devices that has an access to the internet. This income opportunity is suitable for those who are looking to make an extra cash from home, you can simply monetize your free time with this if you think this income opportunity is worth your time.

There’s a lot of websites and companies out there that would promise you a huge earning potential by doing and completing simple online tasks, yet most of them fail to prove their legitimacy. Some are just too good to be true, most of those websites that guarantees you to earn up to $4000 per week is way to far from the reality, it is impossible for a website/company to pay anyone for doing simple online tasks like typing jobs, taking paid surveys. Legitimate businesses might only pay you cents but the money you could earn from them is real and not just imaginary.

Working for 2captcha won’t make you rich of course, but this website is paying, you can earn up to $0.5 per 1000 captcha images you solved, it’s pretty simple and easy as long as you are fast typist, This isn’t new income opportunity at all, you’ve probably encountered some of the same websites that offers the same opportunity just like protypers and megatypers, both of those are paying and are legit but of course the earning is pretty slow.

How It Works?

At 2captcha your only main goal would be solving captcha’s and by doing that simple tasks you will get paid. This website pays a little lower compare to other companies that pays you to do typing jobs such as like this. Protypers and Magetypers usually pay up to $1.25 per 1000 captcha images you solved, however if you’re looking for another website to earn money from home without investment, you can add 2captcha on your lists.

To get started with 2captcha, you must need to create an account on the site, once you have completed the registration process, (which doesn’t even need a confirmation link) you can then start earning free cash from this website, and start solving captcha. What I like about this website is that, you can simply solve the image and type them down without limits, this means that if you’re a fast typist you can possibly earn up to $5 a day in total of more than 5000 captcha images being solved.

How Much Money Can I Earn From 2captcha?

The site is free to join, there is need for you to pay a registration fees, however earnings might be real slow as working for this website won’t make you tons of money, but having this on your lists would help, if you’re only want to earn some extra cash. Of course this isn’t the right income opportunity for those who want to earn up to $100, this isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme and there is no assurance that this website will stay longer in business, but as long as as it is paying, then it can be considered as legit.

Although solving captcha images isn’t the only way to earn money from this program, first off, this website has a referral program in which members can earn a little more extra commission from all their referral commission, so let’s just say you have 1000 active referrals who are working for 2captcha.com and all of them are making money, this means that you can possibly earn $100 within a month or within 2 or 3 months from all your referral earnings, so yes this is a great program, you can probably do this when you have free time and you’re bored at home.

Companys Name: 2captcha
Website URL: www.2captcha.com
Business Status: New
Payment Method: Paypal, Webmoney

Pros: Easy to signup, easy to navigate, easy to use and user friendly
Cons: The earning is pretty slow, making up to $5 a day as a first timer is impossible.

Is 2captcha.com Legit or Scam?

This website is still new but it is currently paying so it’s legit for now.



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