7 Video Conference Presentation Tips to Make You Look and Sound More Professional

Leading gatherings and introductions by Zoom meeting has immediately become the typical method of working together. Utilize these seven Zoom introduction tips to help you sound and look more expert.

As a Zoom veteran, I offer these seven Zoom introduction tips to ensure your online introductions look and sound exceptionally proficient.

ONE: Do your schoolwork

Zoom’s Website gives instructional recordings to amateur clients and for more experienced experts. For more individual direction, recruit a coach. I did that at first, and still have the half-hour video of him directing me through the cycle.

In spite of the fact that we are in the DIY time, with individuals investing heavily in the “do it without anyone’s help” approach, you will learn Zoom faster and all the more altogether on the off chance that you depend on the individuals who understand what you need to know.

TWO: Get over yourself

That is the expression that Atlanta video organization proprietor Scott Williford uses to quiet the apprehensions of his customers who experience solid tension about how they will look on camera, what their voices will seem like and what humiliating mix-ups they will make. I join Scott in stressing that your Zoom time isn’t about you. All things considered, your appearances are about the message you bring, alongside the applicable and supportive data you share. Focus absolutely on aiding your watchers and audience members. Let the impression you make become auxiliary.

Incidentally, that is the equation that will make you sparkle during introductions.

THREE: Be arranged, not canned

Indeed, you need to know your material altogether. I exhort my customers: “The more readiness, the less sweat during the occasion.”

Nonetheless, recall that lone entertainers discuss remembered lines. Consider the Zoom introductions you went to that struck you most well. Odds are solid that your best moderators were not mechanical life sized models recounting a content. A remarkable inverse: they were having a discussion with you.

Remember this. Leave “conveyance” to UPS, FedEx, and the mailing station. Neglect firm custom. Franklin Roosevelt set the pace with his celebrated “fireside visits” on radio during the distressing long stretches of World War Two.

FOUR: Use an alluring, pertinent foundation

At the point when I met an expert telecaster as of late, her setting showed a variety of her revealing encounters with CNN. While not many of us will have such an eye-getting scene to work with, we can utilize a background that affirms our business keenness. Nothing costly needed here — a conveniently masterminded bookshelf will do the trick. Or on the other hand a divider with plaques and grants functions admirably. Consider the amount more qualified you look in these models, contrasted with beginning a Zoom meeting or gathering meeting in your room or lair or outside deck.

FIVE: Use a top-quality outer amplifier

Indeed, our Internet gadgets come outfitted with inner receivers. Those mics are OK for sending an excursion video to your loved ones. However when you depend on them for a Zoom meeting, your voice will sound inaccessible and fairly muted. Luckily, you can buy an unattached mic that connects to a PC’s USB port. Ensure you have enacted that mic when you are looking into Zoom.

SIX: Look into the camera

Our characteristic propensity when we are chatting with somebody is to keep in touch with them. Perhaps your family instructed you that, and business courses stressed the benefit of “eyeballing” while at the same time imparting. Accordingly, you should retrain yourself on this. In the event that you take a gander at your Zoom members, they will see you peering down on the screen. Train yourself to remain stuck to the camera.

SEVEN: Create video assortment

Next time you watch a TV promotion (on the off chance that you truly watch them) focus on the quick scene changes. You will need to do that with Zoom. For instance, in the event that you get going with Speaker View showing you as the just one on the screen, switch back and forth between that setting and Gallery View. One of Zoom’s highlights most moderators welcome is that Zoom will switch to and fro between the settings naturally, contingent upon who is talking — actually like organization TV.

Extra approaches to cultivate assortment: hold up photographs or use Share Screen to show PowerPoint slides or other visual guides.


You don’t need to be a nerd to prevail with Zoom. Follow these seven stages, and you and your Zoom visitors will profit expertly, and will appreciate every chance to change from “far off” and “virtual” to “very close.”


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