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Hello guys today i going to review the site called Adsoptimal which is adnetwork site and the best adsense alternative site and certify by the google adsense this means this site will give us good cpm rate then other sites but many users have confusions that this will work for low traffic and the answer is yes this site works great with low traffic specially for beginners you can try this site….


  1. The tariff for accessing premium traffic is cheaper in comparison to the competing service providers in the market.
  2. Over 100k satisfied customers to vouch for its impressive performance.
  3. Reach millions of audience by exploiting its cross-platform compatibility with VR/3D devices, mobile web, mobile app, desktop and other handheld devices.
  4. Based on the approval status, you account receives $5 for non-premium websites, additional $10 for a premium website and an additional $5 for using AdsOptimal on your website.


  1. The payout system is not entirely bi-monthly, and may extend to 24 days after the month end for both Silver and Bronze account.
  2. Requires a minimum payout amount of $50 for clearing the outstanding bills with either PayPal or through cheque.
  3. The reach to premium content is limited for Bronze account holders.
  4. Although, the customer support is said to be 24/7, but they write back to you in a minimum time period of 1-2 business days, which goes down to almost 8 business days for Bronze account.

How to make account in adsoptimal

make account

you can see the signup forum is so easy same as other adnetwork and you can see you will get some credits for signup according to the site design contents and other things

Is Adsoptmal is legit site 

the answer is yes this site is legit and paying because this site is Established in the latter half of 2012, AdsOptimal claims to be the best solution for monetizing your content on mobile platforms. The plan of action is simple yet realistic. It optimizes your traditional banner to look more suitable on the mobile platform and serve a great visual quality to the accelerating number of users.

How ads are looks in Adsoptimal Adnetwork


The quality of ads are good because sometime some ads are of adsense because they are partner with adsense  and because of this users also getting good cpm rate 

what is different types of  Membership in Adsoptimal

As such, the accounts have been categorised as Gold, Silver and Bronze to represent the varying level of services available for each.

A gold account holder is liable for adding premium sites with excellent reputation score, schedule their payout for 15 days after the month end, and are also reached back by the support team in 2 business days. While, the payment schedule stands for 24 days after the month end, in the case of a silver or bronze account holder.

Partners and Customers in Adsoptimal 


The partners and customers both are happy to join site because this site is providing good interface and quality

Payouts in Adsoptimal

As soon as when your payout balance reach 40$ you can easily can get money in your paypal wallet


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