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Hello Here is a new site that I discovered it a few days ago. You can make money in 4 different ways: auto surf, votes  the use of a software that is downloaded from the website and sponsorship.

Alexa Master captured my attention due to the excellent features it offers.

However, I also love being able to use it and save time when I am working on task involving make money.  Alexa Master leaves nothing to be desired. From the first time I tried it I quickly saw just how well it really does work. 

Alexa Masters – Main Features

Here are some of the main features of this opportunity:

The site works by distributing points for users who may be obtained every time they complete any such activity as like pages on Facebook, watch videos on YouTube or simply surfing.

These points earned by users can be converted into cash or in advertisingfor their own websites is to generate traffic from social networks and/or increase the alexa rank.

There are many ways to get points that the site offers:

1 Watch Videos – Watch videos from other YouTube users for a few seconds and earn points.

2 Start Resell Traffic – Resale of a partner site traffic packages and you will earn a lot of points.

3- Start Vote Websites – Help to moderate websites. Earn more points & more Good Votes from each website.

4 Auto Surf – Earn passively money simply by surfing! Earn even more by installing the extension Alexa Master in your browser and disabling popup blocking.

5 Facebook Likes – just short pages of other users Alexa Master and earn points

6 Small Jobs – Make small jobs to the site Alexa Master such as writing articles like this,create videos among others and put your referral link and earn money for these tasks

Signup Now for Alexa Master and start to earn money and/or traffic today!

While some tasks may seem a little tedious if done for many hours, such as like facebook pages for long hours, it is easy to solve: in short periods just changing these tasks for others and additionally give yourself small breaks  (for example, for each activity performed, rest 16 minutes).


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