Crazy Domains Review

Crazy Domains’ cheapest hosting plan costs less than $3 per month for 150 GB of space and unlimited bandwidth. I am not sure if clients could actually use everything of their allotted disk space as 150 GB seems to much for three bucks a month. It wasn’t as bad as offering “unlimited everything” but this seemed fishy enough to me as soon as I saw it.

Anyway I had no choice but to work with what we had, so let’s talk about their service.

My client needed to add a new domain to their account (it was going to be the domain where we were going to build their new site on), apparently Crazy Domains didn’t allow for that process to be easy. We had to wait for them to manually setup the add-on domain and we had to wait for at least 5 days. When that happened I wasn’t really sure why my client decided to stay with this host despite my suggestion of moving to another one.

Once the account was setup, I proceeded to the upload process. Uploading files and content was a nightmare. FTP uploads would fail. I had a hard time posting content on WordPress because of frequent database connection errors. Getting a few things done in several hours when it would actually just take minutes with another host was very frustrating and tedious, but at least I had the website up and running… (but not for long)

The Last Setup Stage

About a week after I finished uploading and configuring the site I worked so hard on, I received an email from my client saying that their website wouldn’t load and they were seeing an error message every time they tried to access their website. When I checked on it I found out that all the files were deleted! I told my client to communicate with their web host and ask if there were any problems with the server.

After a couple days, Crazy Domains replied and they said something like “we don’t know what happened and we can’t restore your site.” So they absolutely had no idea what happened and they didn’t want to do anything to help. And no, they weren’t apologetic, not even one bit.

Thankfully I had a copy of the site’s files, although the main content had to be re-uploaded into WordPress. This is on another host of course — I was able to convince my client to move after that dreadful event.


Inconsistent speeds. Horrible support. They don’t acknowledge their mistakes and it seems they don’t care if their clients’ businesses suffer a loss due to their incompetence.

Crazy Domains’ quality of service is so poor that it makes me wonder what they do to actually keep their client base. Could be the cheap price, could be Pam Anderson’s endorsement, who knows. All I know is it’s definitely not the way they treat their customers.


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