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About is a Paid To Click program or PTC. PTC connects advertisers and viewers; the advertiser pays for ads while the viewer get paid for viewing the ads.

Minimum Payout : $3.00

Referral Rate : 10%

E-currency Accepted : 0.001 $

E-currency Accepted : Payeer, Perfectmoney, Cryptocurrency Wallet

This is what it says on website:
GAB is an Advertising Hub. You can Earn and/or Advertise with GAB. The basic earning feature of GAB is viewing ads on a daily basis. You will earn money and points for each ad you view. You will also earn points and have a chance to Win money with GABgrid. To earn even more, you can upgrade your membership and/or increase your referrals.


What is GAB?
Gab is called an advertising platform where advertisers and clickers meet and match, according to Gab itself where clickers earn from advertisers that pays the clicks. You can become an advertiser or a clicker/earner or both if you have something to advertise. The tip is click on random ads everyday, daily clicks and more clicks to become an active member by clicking on more ads, each click will earn you money and points. They also provide additional earning tool called GABGrid where every Grid contains a mystery prize of money or points. Another earning way is to upgrade for more ads to clicks and earns you higher money/points and another one is to refer other earners/members using your referral link. They have points as currency whose exchange rate is 100 pts = $1, you can earn this in many ways according to the website.

Making Money
Click and view more ads. You will earn a purchase balace in which you can’t cash out but it’s meant as an internal fund where you can purchase all kinds of advertisements, referrals but it will not buy you upgraded membership. Memberships can only be paid via account balance. So if you’re goal is to earn money as advertisers promoting your websites, increase your purchase balace on the contrary if you want to earn as earner/member/clicker then increase your account balance to upgrade some day. All ads resets every midnight based on server time and it can be found on top of view ads page. Payments are different for two types of membership namely: the standard membership or the free members will take weeks to process while upgraded members enjoys priority payments also takes few number of days to process.

Technical Specifications
They got their domain name registered on Name, LLC, they are availing domain whois anonymity services from Domain Protection Services, Inc. and is protected from DDOS attack thanks to Cloud Flare, Inc.

Here are the advantages and benefits of being an advertiser in Gab. You may advertise a direct link to your website or referral link or by way of banners. There is sure protection like the anti-cheat to protect your advertisements from being drained by abuse. You have access to detailed live statistics. Separate advertisement funds goes to GABGrid. You can also have access to Super Advertising Packages, the newest feature of GAB for Advertisers like you.

The members are the earners or clickers. You will have access to 10 daily ads guaranteed. It will be different kinds of ads everyday usable at random times. You have access to 30 chances in GABGrid to choose the mystery link and obtain a prize. Get commissions from your referrals when they upgrade. Upgrading levels up your earnings and more ads for you. There are activity points when you are an active clicker on GAB.

They boast of 108680 memberships, and payment amounting to U.S.$43,942.94++ at time of this writing. There are several complaints of unfair closure and banishment of accounts of members.




– Both advertisers and members have different sets of benefits.

– You can also become both membership or enjoy all: upgraded, advertisers and members


– The payment takes days and weeks to wait from.

– Several complaints from members regarding unfair closure and banishment of accounts.


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