Hilltop Ads Review-Final Verdicts

Hilltop Ads is associate degree advertising network that permits publishers to legitimatise their traffic via pop unders. The platform is hospitable of each giant and little publishers, with a $50 minimum earning to be had to supply a modest target for sites to aim for.

This is offered weekly, delivered via a variety of various payment choices, together with PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum and Webmoney, additionally to wire transfer and even Bitcoin.

Publishers like a 100% fill rate aboard a referral program giving them a five-hitter split of every new publisher’s commission. Our investigations conjointly unearthed high CPM rates, particularly for sites with mobile inventory.

Offer Types:
CPM (Cost per Mile).

You may compare peak Ads CPM rates with alternative ad networks by countries here.

Traffic varieties
Desktop, mobile and tablets.

Targeting choices

Country / town
Browser / OS
Time Targeting
IP vary / ISP
Mobile Carrier / Wi-Fi
Payment Rules
Publishers square measure allowable to withdraw cash from their peak Ads account provided they need met the minimum earning of $50. Like with most platforms, a dealings can begin when the tip of the week within which the target was met. on condition that some networks schedule their pay runs monthly – in some cases bi-monthly – the frequency of those payments makes for one more profit.

Users will load cash onto variety of widespread international payment services, together with PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum, Webmoney and ePayService. there’s conjointly the possibility to possess it became Bitcoin and sent across through a wire transfer.

The cluster doesn’t demand any fees for loading cash onto these platforms, however the services themselves can usually have their own charges for doing thus. This ranges from the fundamental 3-5% charged by PayPal on every quantity that enters its system, across to the sizeable fees hooked up by banks for doing identical over wire transfer. In every case it’s wise for publishers to analysis the amounts levied by every cluster before preferring the simplest thanks to claim their earnings.

For publishers that need client support, peak Ads is well-equipped with ways of moving into bit with the team. Connections to each email and Skype square measure offered to its users, with dedicated lines for general queries, school support, advertizer and publisher-related queries.

For people who like better to get involved over the phone, the cluster conjointly lists its direct dials for the USA and therefore the Great Britain, moreover as a general ‘contact us’ field. to form things even easier, all of those choices square measure offered on the peak Ads web site.

Terms, Conditions, and alternative Notes:
The terms of peak Ads’ service square measure offered fully on its web site, in the middle of tips for advertisers and publishers severally. With regards to the latter, the headlines square measure as follows:

Publishers serving impressions via faux video players, ‘404 errors’, i-frames and alternative unscrupulous ways risk a penalty. to boot, all traffic should derive from legal sources, and therefore the manipulation of stats through artificial ways is prohibited.
Websites cannot contain package viruses or alternative kinds of code designed to disrupt or damage the performance of a pc – i.e. one being employed to access a web site.
Any makes an attempt at deceptive or cheating peak Ads can warrant at the terribly least the suspending of activities.
Content on every web site can ought to deemed as ‘real’ and not are available the shape of ‘blind links’.
Publishers that register for associate degree account to do out the service and miss the $50 minimum ought to even be cautious of a maintenance fee which can be charged within the event of their web site failing to hit the minimum at intervals a six-month amount.

Referral Program
Hilltop Ads has a full of life referral program that permits its publishers to earn even a lot of via the platform. The system works by permitting associate degree existing user to refer another publisher to the network and, provided they reach the $50 minimum, earn five-hitter of any commission they create.

This is created potential by the circulation of special links, that square measure provided by peak Ads.

Fill rate of 100% makes smart use of all traffic
Good rates of CPM, significantly on mobile
Customer support offered through Skype, email and phone
Weekly payout schedule
Option of retreating cash via ePayments free card
No self-service panel means that every modification to a campaign has got to undergo a manager
Pop underneath is that the solely ad format supported


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