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PerfectMoney – one of the most popular payment systems on the Internet today. Legally the company is located in offshore jurisdiction of Panama while the headquarters and all service personnel are deployed in Zurich (Switzerland).

The system functions from 2008, and has a number of advantages in relation to other payment systems. For example, PerfectMoney does not demand verification of your personality at registration of an account, it strongly saves time to a participant, and also relieves of fear of shadowing you and your money.

In PerfectMoney system there are three types of wallets: Dollars (U123456 format), Euro (E123456 format), and also Gold (G123456 format). The system also has an exchanger where you can convert one type of currency in another at the rate of the system.

The unpleasant moment is the commission of system for account transfer. Earlier it was 0.5%, but since 2014 it is 1.99%. If a user wants commission to be 0.5% he has to verify the account by sending documents which can confirm his personality. Also you can address to special people who can help with verification of the account. For an extra fee, you receive anonymous registration, and opportunity to operate safely with large sums of money.

Also you should know the fact that PerfectMoney is the most popular system among HYIP projects and Internet pyramids. It is impossible to count quantity of pyramids which is started on PerfectMoney platform daily. It speaks about weak influence on system of different government institutions which in every possible way limit freedom of money circulation. For example, LibertyReserve system that was also famous among administrators of financial pyramids was closed in May, 2013 by federal agency of the USA. After that case PerfectMoney quickly moved to the .is domain (Iceland) to leave from jurisdiction of the USA.

It is rather easy to fill up a wallet of PerfectMoney, almost all exchange offices accept “perfects”. It is enough to visit the website, and choose the direction of an exchange necessary for you. For a withdrawal use the same way. Note that such way of deposit-withdrawal is unofficial. All official ways you can find in appropriate sections of PerfectMoney: direct SWIFT-transfer from bank account, purchase of vouchers, payment terminals, and also exchange offices which are official partners.

Also credit exchange works at the site, where users can both to give and take credits. To a credit it is necessary to possess corresponding credit rating (in other words, credit history). To get good rating, take microloans of $0.1-0.5, and return back money with interest. With growth of rating also the greatest possible sum of credit will increase.

Users of the system divide into two status “Partner” and “Premium”. The status of “Partner” receives each registered user. To get “Premium” it is necessary to be registered in system no less than three months, and have the total amount of deposits no less than $50.000. Users of this status get reduced commission, and also 8% of annual income which are charged monthly.

PerfectMoney has good protection which includes two-stage authentication of an account (through mail and phone). This payment system is the convenient tool as for business and private investment, and it is simple for storage of money. Therefore if you are rather afraid of legislative base of your country – “Perfect Money” will become for you an ideal option.[huge_it_share]


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