The New 5 Best Ad Networks For Bloggers And Writers

#1 – Google Adsense

Adsense is out and away the foremost well-known network, and most agree that their ads tend to perform the simplest. you’ll select from all differing types of sizes, text or show ads, and you’re ready to customise your own ads (colors, font, etc.) to a degree. They pay once a month via direct deposit or armored check, and each month you’ve got to own earned a minimum of $100 to qualify for a payment.

I have personal expertise with Adsense. i have been mistreatment them on this diary for quite four years. you’ll calculate timely pay. the sole factor extremely lacking is that their support is not all that non-public. It typically are often difficult to induce direct help from a true, live one who works there.

#2 – is that the ad internetwork high-powered by Yahoo! and Bing. Their ads look completely different as a result of they are simply these very little coloured keyword blocks. works to make sure that the keyword blocks mix well along with your website — they’ll usually use identical combination. These ads complement Adsense ads alright primarily as a result of they are doing look terribly completely different from them. pays monthly with Paypal, however like Adsense you’ve got to own met that $100 minimum in an exceedingly month’s time to induce a payment.

#3 – AdThrive

AdThrive may be a company that they need their own ad network that displays family-friendly ads, and they created DFP (Double Click For Publishers) on their ads once they are put in on your diary. These area unit show ads, and once you check in, can|they’re going to|they’ll} analyze your website and tell you wherever they assume their ads will perform best. Then, they are going in and do all the created for you. AdThrive pays monthly with direct deposit.

Note that AdThrive will have a roll, thus stepping into would possibly take your time. Also, they need 2 levels of service — AdThrive Edge and AdThrive Premium. you’ll qualify to induce in at the AdThrive Edge level if you’ve got a minimum of one hundred,000 page views per month. you’ve got to own a minimum of 750,000 page views per month to qualify for AdThrive Premium. each area unit smart, however with AdThrive Premium you get a bit additional personalised facilitate with maximising your ad revenue on your diary.

I have been mistreatment AdThrive (at the sting level) for many months currently and it has been nice. Their ads show toward rock bottom of my sidebar and within the footer. they need thus far paid either on time or early, and that they area unit quick to answer queries after you got to email.

#4 – Mediavine
Mediavine is another network in an exceedingly means just like AdThrive. they need show and video ads also as another product.

There area unit tons of individuals WHO did not assume they’d qualify for AdThrive, or did not need to own to attend, in order that they signed up with Mediavine instead and lots of have seen nice results. i do not assume I’ve scan something in the least negative concerning this specific company, thus it’d be an honest one to do.

You have to be having access to least twenty five,000 sessions (you will check this in Google Analytics) per month to qualify to check in with Mediavine.

#5 – BlogHer Ads
This is an advertisement network go past BlogHer, a awfully fashionable website for girls, and that i usually see their ads seem on sites back-geared principally toward girls. It’s Associate in Nursing older ad network, having been around since 2006. they need show ads with the BlogHer disapproval conspicuously displayed. As a part of this network, you will conjointly get invited to try to to sponsored posts for varied firms, thus that is another perk to stepping into here.

It’s important to notice that BlogHer needs you to own their ad at the terribly prime of all of your posts and pages, and you cannot have the other ads besides theirs on top of the fold on your website. That was the deal-breaker on behalf of me. I even have scan mixed reviews on however these ads perform — some area unit proud of them, and a few don’t seem to be. Still, they’re one amongst the additional fashionable ad networks and that i see their ads on many blogs.

BlogHer pays monthly with check or Paypal as long as you have earned a minimum of $25. after you be part of, you’ve got to sign a annual contract.

So there you’ve got it, the highest 5 best ad networks for bloggers — supported my very own expertise and a few analysis. Like I same on top of, i do know there area unit many different networks out there, thus be happy to comment below if there area unit different networks you have used and would advocate.


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