Why You Need Lots Of Landing Pages

Whenever you are promoting one thing, and you would like the person to travel on-line to an internet page, you would like a custom landing page. whether or not it’s Associate in Nursing actual ad, or a link from somebody else’s website, or perhaps a media unleash you place out, every one of these ought to have it’s own, distinct landing page.

A landing page is wherever you send people World Health Organization reply to a notice you’ve got place out into the globe. you would like to have interaction these people in an exceedingly specific manner, and acquire them to perform a precise action, like be part of Associate in Nursing email list or purchase a product.

So yes, you’ll technically have a 3 page web site, however behind the scenes you’ll have over a dozen totally different landing pages, betting on wherever your incoming links square measure, the particular markets you are targeting, the explanations they will have in responding to your decision to action, and also the conversations already occurring in their heads.

Let’s say you sell dog collars. There square measure a lot of reasons individuals may search for a dog collar. perhaps they require their tiny dog to be safe, perhaps they require their giant dog to own a trendy collar. perhaps they are trying to find a harness for his or her support animal. One person needs a collar that is leather-free, whereas another one solely needs natural materials. What you would like could be a specific page for every of those people, one that addresses their considerations and solely their considerations.

As I’ve mentioned in previous ‘casts, there square measure 2 ways that to deal with your prospects. You either supply to get rid of a pain purpose, or to produce a pleasure purpose. Those square measure 2 terribly various things. for every of the “dog collar” examples on top of, you’ll either take away a pain purpose, or give a pleasure purpose. parenthetically you have got six totally different solutions to a given downside or scenario. you’ll gift every of these solutions in 2 alternative ways. Suddenly you would like twelve totally different landing pages.

I have a noncommercial consumer, trying to find donations. that is the terribly basic information. they seem to be a cat operation (point #1), willing to require tiny donations (point #2), or giant donations (point #3). This fall, we’re aiming to attempt to notice individuals willing to form an oversized donation to their noncommercial.

I have to attractiveness to those prospects by either providing a pleasure purpose, or removing a pain purpose. What i would like to try to to is produce A & B versions of a landing page for every of the points mentioned. thus at the terribly least, i would like six totally different pages: one set that addresses those who have Associate in Nursing interest in rescue cats (point #1), one that addresses those who need to form alittle donation to assist take care of rescue cats (point #2), and one for individuals ready to create an oversized donation – for my functions, that is any quantity of $5,000 and on top of. that is purpose #3.

Let’s say i am making pay per click program ads to capture the eyeballs of {individuals} ready to create an oversized donation, that is strictly what we’re coming up with for this fall. First, there square measure 2 teams of individuals – people who love cats, and people World Health Organization do not essentially. Second, we’ve the explanations they require to form a donation. Some individuals square measure in it for the popularity. Some individuals square measure in it for the impact their cash can have. Others square measure merely trying to find a tax writeoff. World Health Organization makes giant donations? clearly, individuals. But also, companies and foundations.

So i would like to make a poster for every of these specific interests, and so i would like to make a distinct landing page for every of these ads. the main target of 1 landing page can be, “We’ll publish your name in our report, on our web site, and send your name and image call at media releases.” the main target of another landing page can be, “Your donation is tax deductible and can scale back your tax burden for this twelvemonth.” I may address the considerations of individuals World Health Organization love cats in 2 totally different ways: “Your contribution can keep the cats beneath our care healthy till we are able to notice a family to adopt them,” or “Your contribution can facilitate take away unwanted cats from the streets.”

It looks like a pain within the rear, I know. however that is what promoting is: you are looking to own the correct oral communication with a particular person. If making the correct links, and causing people to specific landing pages accomplishes your goal (like building your email list or creating a sale), then it’s worthwhile.

Once you begin building these landing pages, you would like an honest statistics program on your web site to delineated what percentage visits you are aiming to every of those pages. you must be ready to tell wherever these visits square measure coming back from as a result of you must ne’er send guests to a particular page from quite one supply. If you run identical ads on each Google and Bing, create a distinct copy of that landing page for every supply. you would possibly name one “Large dog collar safety Google” and also the alternative one “Large dog collar safety Bing.”

Also, you do not need to list any of those landing pages on your navigation system for the location. you do not need individuals staggering on them from a general search. If somebody finds one amongst your specific landing pages from a link on a news page, and so forwards that link to an exponent, that is fine. primarily they are each coming back from identical place.

What it boils all the way down to is: you would like loads of various landing pages.

Today’s action items:

Start writing the promoting copy for 2 totally different versions of a landing page. one amongst these pages ought to offer a pleasure purpose for your customers, and one ought to take away a pain purpose.
Build the 2 totally different landing pages, or have your webmaster build them.
Create copy that gives the pleasure purpose, which offers the pain relief. place this copy in ads, media releases or alternative promoting materials that you just propagate. The link within the “pleasure” unleash ought to purpose to the “pleasure” landing page, whereas the link within the “pain” unleash ought to purpose to the “pain” landing page. And after all, action item
Start recording and measurement the results.


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